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NOV '08 - Where's Moriarty?

Sherlock Holmes is filming in Manchester, UK with Robert Downey, Jr. as Conan Doyle’s super sleuth and Jude Law as Watson.  But where’s Moriarty? 

Mancunians swear they’ve seen Russell Crowe skulking around Town Hall, where the cast and crew have been filming scenes set in Parliament (where no filming is allowed).  But Crowe is not confirmed as the film’s baddie and lots of chatter has been going back and forth about who will take the role.

Meanwhile, the Iron Man himself was rumored to be staying at the sleek and chic Lowry Hotel just outside of town. 

The film is set to wrap next year but don’t hold your breath for an accurate release date.  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which was due to open this Christmas is now on hold till the summer of 2009. 




Baz Luhrman’s australia is set to give Oz a big set-jetting boost.

The Australian tourism board is in talks with the director of “Moulin Rouge” to promote the Queensland city of Bowen (stand in for 30’s wartime Darwin) and other locations in a tie in marketing effort for the film’s november debut.

The trailer already features a big banner ad for Qantas on its homepage.  Officials are hoping for an Australian-sized “Crocodile Dundee” influx of starry eyed travelers who see themselves as Hugh Jackman (complete with leather hat) or Nicole Kidman who is seen in promo pics walking through the desert in high heels with a load of Vuitton luggage being carried by lackeys behind her. 

As Australia is a long haul away for fuel-depressed and cash-strapped Americans, Baz’ film better be very bloody good or this campaign just might go the way of a Croc Dundee sequel and flop—badly.




Everyone is getting in on the Indiana Jones set-jetting bandwagon.  Fandango is promoting summer blockbuster travel and Expedia is touting Indiana Jones’ style vacations to places like Petra in Jordan (where The Last Crusade was filmed).

Insiders tell us that most of the new flick was filmed in Hawaii (which Speilberg used in Jurassic Park). 

Set-Jetters might be a bit confused with all this hype.  For instance, visit www.indianajones.com and you'll find the sites’ MySpace link offering contestants a chance to travel to “the mysterious city of Venice,” which was in the Last Crusade but not in the new film.  If you really want to travel “like Indy” to Venice, you’d better get a vintage amphibious plane to fly you there.

Insider Set-Jetters should suit up first, Indiana style.   First stop:  the shop that made Indiana’s iconic hat, Swaine, Adeney, Brigg(They also made James Bond’s briefcase).

Stay tuned for a complete insider’s view of keeping up with the Joneses, travel-wise….



APRIL '08 The new movie FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL opens this week. Set jetting travelers, take note: it was filmed at Honolulu’s Turtle Bay Resort, (www.turtlebayresort.com)  Stay tuned to this site for insider info and tips for planning your own Turtle Bay romantic getaway (with or without loser ex boyfriend).